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11th Commandment

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Offcial "11th Commandment" & "The Seed"  book jacket designs the novels was produced from.


From all the images, the author's children helped decide it was best to take the two best liked cover samples and put them together for one jacket, by using one for the front cover and the other for the back cover of the novel, "11th Commandment" Now the public knows how hard it was to choose the right book cover a author has to decide, as it is the most improtant view the customers walking into stores or browsing will use their eyes to do, and if your lucky you will have an eey catching book cover for both the back and front of the book to create that public awareness to pick the book up and read the back cover and if intrigued will than read the first page and make the choice if the book spikes their interests to purchase the book. With as much an important message we have for all child absue victims out there in the world this book will deliver to them, we hope we have compiled these key ingredients to have a book that will reach the mass and help heal all the hurting children and adults who suffered from child abuse in the world so their lives will finally have the change they have been searching for too long already. 

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