11th Commandment
11th Commandment

Biography of author Mark Christensen.


An expert in child abuse, its causes, and prevention, Mark Christensen, a 1981 graduate of Para-medicine from Ohio State University, was a successful paramedic having owned an ambulance service at the age of 24. He had to retire from the business in 1988 due to a spinal injury received in the line of duty.


            His experience in the medical field, dealing with life’s drama on a daily basis, has led him into writing and the fight against illiteracy through public service. Mr. Christensen is the CEO of M C Productions Global, and resides in Ohio, and Billings, Montana.


            Having adopted a son who suffered from traumatic brain injury from the age of 3, until his passing in 2005 at the age of 11, inspired Mr. Christensen’s daily fight against the horrors of child abuse, going beyond the horrific consequences of these atrocities, Mr. Christensen explores a way for those afflicted to heal. His novel, “The Eleventh Commandment, Honor Thy Children”, drives the all-important message, “Thou Shall Not Hurt the Children”. Mr. Christensen has 8 children, 7 boys and one girl.


            Mr. Christensen’s has also produced the novels, “The Seed”, “Boy Toy”, & “My Brother’s Keeper”, and the stage production, “Petty Theft,” among various projects in production stages at this time.

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